Wednesday, January 17, 2007

There was a WAWI (winamp web interface) for winamp.But most of the playlist features are not supported with mediamonkey.I downloaded the source and edited it has a seek bar so that you can seek the currently playing song from within the uses javascript extensively to reduce repeted api calls to MM.The delete from playlist is now supported and add to playlist is also supported.

But it lacks a save playlist feature.I am still working on it.

But for now it has enough power to control MM from within your web browser up to 98%.

Tonight I finish adding album art support.See the pic below.There should be an image file with any name but preferably a file name,gif,bmp,png) is found it will take it as the default album art for that album.if the image file has a name other than it doesnt make any will just take any of the image files as album art.(here i m searching for the file as some players take it as default album art.).

The album art is shown as a floating window(means it floats to keep it position on screen as before if you scroll.) on the right side of the screen.the actual album art is resized to 200 px keeping the aspect ratio constant.

The screenshot

Works fine with IExplorer7,Firefox and opera and this time I tested it in Mac OS X's also works there.

The screenshot

Now Detail Song Info like Mediamonkey


Also added save playlist feature

Download Link

It uses the original WAWI code and ID3lib library.

How to use
Just unzip the two files to the plugins folder of mediamonkey(like C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Plugins for me).You will see the plugin in the general purpose plugin section.


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the file seems not present at rapidshare, please end me a new link

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